The service of the electrical panel is our specialty

We provide unique services in this area:


  • Providing the best solution based on customer needs
  • Design of all electrical panel: Includes single-line, multi-line, wiring, part list, layout
  • Perform all technical calculations
  • Perform calculations and IP determine
  • Panel design according to installation conditions

Construction and supply of electrical equipment:

  • Providing equipment with the best quality and most suitable price.
  • Make panel and send it, in accordance with world standards
    Supervision of construction:
  • The dispatch of the expert to the construction site of the panel and the monitoring of the operation of the assembly panel in accordance with the maps and relevant standards.
    Testing and Inspection:
  • Inspections and test of Panels based on the latest and most comprehensive international guidelines
  • Perform all affairs related to commissioning including installation, cabling and panel commissioning
    24 * 7 Repair and Maintenance services:
  • A periodical visit and the extraction of possible problems. Also, the discovery of the failure before the occurrence.
  • Faulty fix
  • Guaranteeing the performance of the panel