Support after the installation of electrical systems is one of the most important issues surrounding all electrical operations. Sometimes lack of proper utilization, lack of attention to the visit and examination of electrical equipment in terms of operation and operation conditions, causes irreparable damage to Consumers will be able to use this equipment. Due to the lack of specialized knowledge in this field, the importance of this issue is of great importance to the users. It should be noted that the time, the most important parameters are ahead.

The “Digiamoozesh” group, using the scientific and practical capabilities of its experts and relying on the standards of the world, has made it possible to accompany the dear customers in the shortest time and with the highest level of confidence.

We give to our customers the opportunity to take into account the possibility of changing the consumption of electricity at different times and according to the type of need, in addition to providing reasonable solutions regarding the use of their existing electrical capacity , Have the best solutions for developing their own electrical systems. Therefore, high-end customers can, with the confidence of our specialists, be able to use their electrical equipment at the best possible cost and at the lowest cost and time without any concern.

Some areas of activity of this group are presented in this section as follows:

  • Maintenance of electrical installations of residential, commercial, office and high-rise buildings
  • Maintenance of electrical installations of banks and public and private centers
  • Maintenance of electrical installations of data centers
  • Maintenance of electrical installations of companies and industries
  • Maintenance of intelligent electric systems, elevators, emergency, parking, pool