Training is not the cost, it’s investment

The scientific advancement of human societies undoubtedly results from day-to-day efforts and knowledge generation by scientists of various human spheres. The belief that training is investment occurs as the cornerstone of each organization. Also, the updating of knowledge The human resources of any industry guarantee survival in a competitive environment today. The Digiamoozesh uses the power and expertise of the top graduates in the field of science and technology, as well as a new definition of the country’s scientific and practical environment, as well as the use of World Standards for Education, including the 10015 standard and the availability of space In this area, through its capacities and active business partners in this field, it gives the opportunity to all its customers, in addition to the use of unrivaled educational facilities in a dynamic environment, the opportunity to overtake their competitors through the updating And injections of organizational incentives.

Our services in this area are:

  • Organizational training needs Identification.
  • Hold short time, termic, private and group courses
  • Holding specialized courses at the customer’s premises
  • Provide specialized training consulting
  • Provides software and hardware packages
  • Electrical Engineering Department: (Electronics, Power, Control, Telecommunications, Energy Management)
  • Mechanical Engineering Department: (Solids, Fluids, Production)
  • Management training group
  • Sales and Marketing Department
  • Distance education group

    Call for participation in the Launch of a specialized training center

    We want to launch the world’s best training center


    • Age category: Groups aged 3 to 70 years
    • Physical courses (Short and long term)
    • Private tutoring
    • Online training
    • Training videos
    • Books and articles
    • International Seminars
    • Publishers
    • Software Training
    • Assembly Kits
    • Talent discovery
    • Participation with reputable specialized training centers, reputable universities, laboratories and international scientific references
    • Specialist training in the various fields required by the industry
    • Educational Needs Assessment for Companies and Occupations

    Completion of this business plan lasted two years. We have a complete plan and we are confident that if this specialized center is set up, we will be the best specialized training provider in the world soon.

    Our motto is:

    Touch your dreams with us

    Start in: Middle East

    At present, we need to be an investor and partner in all parts of the world.

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