At the start of our company, we decided to expand our business in various sectors, with a view to long-term goals,
specialized capacities, efficient forces, and the use of the capacities of our international partners. One of these
departments is the Department of Energy and Renewable Energy.

Due to the large capacity of Oman in the field of Solar, we have launched this field to provide services in its various fields such as design and engineering, equipment supply, installation, repair, and maintenance. And we plan to launch a solar panel production line in Oman in the near future.

Currently, we have the ability to provide complete solar solutions both on-grid and off-grid, with more than two
thousand successful projects.

Also, due to the development of technology, we have the possibility of offering various solar products, such as
solar coolers.

Our Solar Services
• Electrical, mechanical, and civil design of power plants connected to the photovoltaic network on small,
medium, and large scales.
• Network connection calculations, production estimation, and forecasting, equipment selection.
• Designing of the Off-Grid Solar generators.
• Supply of solar panels from 10 top world-renowned brands, supply of various types of chargers, and
battery charging.
• Providing string and central inverters from the world’s most reputable brands.
• Supply and construction of various types of structures and trackers in different models and scales, provision
of protective equipment, and monitoring of solar power plants.
• Installation of On-Grid power plants on medium and large scales.
• Installation of generators connected to the home and industrial network (up to 100 kW).
• Installation of a variety of network-independent generators.
• Operation of medium and large scale On-Grid power plants
• Specialized production of all types of electrical panels for the solar systems