Earthing & Cathodic protection

RTTR and Earthing & Cathodic protection
Our team is proud to carry out various projects in the fields of oil, gas, and petrochemicals, using our expert people and capabilities in the field of various earthing equipment production services, as well as the knowledge and experience of our partners in the field of cathodic protection.
Our team also has elite youth in this field who have international qualifications in USA NACE Institute, and therefore our knowledge and ability have been fully proven. Therefore, considering the existing capacities, at the beginning of our factories in Oman, we have decided to launch a production line of all types of earthing equipment as well as cathodic protection equipment, and in the near future, we can offer products manufactured in Oman to the market, as knowledge-based products And now we can prepare and supply our products through our partners in Iran and provide them to customers.
Also, our specialized engineering and implementation team is ready to design, consult, inspect, implement, and
launch all related projects in this field.

Complete range of Cathodic Protection & Earthing services:

• Engineering
• Procurement
• Construction
• Commissioning
• Operating
• Maintenance
• Troubleshooting
• Site survey service
• Engineering Design, Planning, and R&D services
• Installation and Commissioning services
• After Sales services
• Training
• MFL Test Service
• Smart monitoring and advanced NDT
• Coating Assessment and Repair

Fields of Activities:

• Oil and Gas Industries (offshore & onshore)
• Petrochemical industry
• Energy
• Building Industry
• Cement industry
• Water and Waste Water

Engineering Process:

• Conceptual Study
• Basic Design
• Detailed Design
• Purchase Engineering & FAT
• Construction Engineering & SAT
• Start-up
• Troubleshooting

Conceptual Study:

• Data Gathering
• Evaluation
• Estimation and Primary cost analysis
• Feasibility Study

Basic Design:

• Investigation of FEED documents
• Initial Design
• Initial MTO
• Datasheet of Main Materials


• Contract Review
• Schedule of activities
• Coordination Procedure and Numbering
• Determination of MDL, Criteria

Sample of Documents:

• Calculation Note
• Layout
• Data sheet
• Installation Details
• Index of the final data book

Detailed Design:

• Site Survey
• Submission of Main Document List (MDL)
• Providing CP design Report (Calculation Note)
• Submission of Underground -Layouts
• Drawing Above Ground-Layouts, Boxes, Installation Details
• Bill of Material
• Getting Client Approval