• About us

Our group, with the help of elite specialists in the data center field, has succeeded in carrying out more than 110 data center projects. Our customers: Banks, public and private companies, and IT-based companies in all industries. Also, our group is one of the most powerful companies active in the 24 x 7 support services for the infrastructure of Data Centers (full support for more than 20 data centers at present). Therefore, according to our brilliant records in this specialized field, our group is considered the most powerful specialized electric company active in the field of data centers.

We are proud to design, supply, manufacture, and implement specialized electrical and data center infrastructure based on TIA942, IEEE, IEC, ISO, and Bicsi002 standards in a complete, professional, high-quality, and on-time. Our collection is ready to provide professional services in various fields to our dear customers, taking into account the above, as well as the use of specialized and elite youth in this field, as well as the latest knowledge in the world.

Some of our projects (details will be sent if required):

  • Datacenter (EPC): 127
  • Operation, and maintenance (7*24): 29
  • Data center consulting: 10
  • Datacenter supply: 280
  • Datacenter Infrastructure: 260
  • Monitoring: 5


  • Overview

As one of the best-specialized companies in the field of data centers, Ramtin Trading is proud to present this joint cooperation proposal to the employer.

Our records in various areas of the data center outside and inside of the Sultanate of Oman are clear and verifiable.

We have a strong professional team in various data center fields, all of whom have various approvals from various international organizations such as Microsoft, EPI, Uptime, TIA, etc.

The deep experience of our team in the data center field and our references and approvals in this field show our strength in implementing various projects in this regard.

  • Potentials

Considering the abilities, capacities, and potentials of the parties, the development of joint cooperation can strengthen and create a powerful network in the field of data centers in Oman.

Some advantages and capabilities of Ramtin Trading:

  1. Having an expert and certified team in various data center fields
  2. Having complete operational experience in building and operating more than 130 different data centers with more than 20 years of experience.
  3. Has experience working in data centers in Oman (Datamount, Acropolis)
  4. Having a license to work and cooperate with Uptime America Institute
  5. Having a license to operate and cooperate with reference institutions in England and Canada
  6. Complete mastery of the data center in the Sultanate of Oman.

To start win-win cooperation, we can take full responsibility for the following:

  • What we can do in the Datacenter field:
  1. Full responsibility for monitoring and implementing AMC projects and operating and commissioning the data center (according to a separate agreement).
  2. Management of AMC contracts and data center operators.
  3. Planning and monitoring the implementation of data center projects
  4. Having a specialized repair team in various fields of the data center
  5. Full responsibility tender’s unit in all Active and Passive fields (by providing 10 certified experts in the data center field full-time in Iran, and one person in Oman). The establishment of a specialist (Dr. Ramtin) at the head office of
  6. Full responsibility for the infrastructure unit (including control and supervision of all maintenance and operation contractors in all sites.
  7. Conducting all technical meetings with all customers and employers in the field of infrastructure.
  8. Conducting all technical inspection sessions of customer data centers and providing technical and development reports. (Full solution).
  9. Responsible for designing the RFP and basic designs required by the partner.
  10. Full responsibility for the training unit.
  11. Leverage the capacities and facilities and resumes of the personnel of the collection to increase the technical power and support of the company.
  12. Full responsibility for the Planning, Research, and Development unit.
  13. Providing full sales solutions, data center software and hardware development, and data center security.
  14. Cooperation exclusively with the company.
  15. Contract management.
  16. Guaranteeing full solution joint cooperation with the company, and using our technical and specialized manpower in the following areas (infrastructure, active, IT, software, and hardware) on an exclusive and project basis:
  • Uptime certification consultation
  • Data center audit and evaluation.
  • Design, monitoring, consulting, Supervision, and Inspection.
  • Supply of equipment.
  • Production of equipment.
  • DCIM & BMS.
  • Modular Datacenter.
  • Implementation and commissioning.
  • 24-hour operation, maintenance, repairs, and support
  • Upgrading and developing the data center
  • Complete services in the field of active, IT and software and software development.
  • Promotion of sales services in different areas.
  • 3D services
  • Attractive and diverse sales and marketing packages