Repair & Maintenance

Our company is capable of implementing PM & PDM to improve CMMS accuracy in the electrical field
Maintenance strategy (24*7):
• Corrective maintenance
• Preventive maintenance
• Predictive maintenance
• Establishing a predictive maintenance program
• Requirements for a successful PDM program.

At the time of operation, the power Plans usually have many problems:
• As-built diagram damage.
• Increase of feeders without technical knowledge.
• lake of scheduled services and maintenance for electrical panels.
• Non-replacement of damaged parts such as measuring, protective, and indicating equipment.
• imperfect IP Conditions.
• Vital equipment that ages quickly due to technical problems and unbalanced load
• Increasing consumption.
• Loose connections.
Field of Repair & Maintenance:
1. Datacenter
2. Electrical panels
3. Electrical systems
4. Pumps & Motors
5. UPS